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Story Analysis

The Dino Man represents Businessman's fears, which are the obstacles of his life.

The Coffee Man, Businessman's boss does not want Businessman to succeed. He also represents deceit. Businessman looks to him for help when he finds the sheet music, not realizing that he is not on his side.

The Dancer represents distractions and the outside world. She is Coffee Man's representative in the dream world.

The Trumpet Player is Businessman's representative in the dream world. He is trying to play the music, which is the solution to his life but keeps getting distracted by the Dancer. There is a parallel to Businessman finding the music and Coffee Man ordering him back to work and convincing him that it means nothing.

The Old Man represents the future. He is trying to present Businessman with the music which is the solution to the problems in his life, but he is prevented by Coffee Man and Dino Man.

The dog represents humanity, which has barbarian and animalistic tendences.

The character of businessman is confused and can not understand what these visions mean and who these people are. He makes two wrong decisions in the film. The first is when he sees the Old Man dead. He runs to Coffee Man for help, but does not get any. The music is once again presented to him in this scene, but he does not take it, because he does not understand its meaning. The staff, which is a staff of victory, is present with the music. The staff is fought over between Dino Man and the Old Man throughout the film. Dino Man taunts Businessman with it while it is in his possession. The second wrong decision takes place at the end of the film. Businessman finally has the music in his possession, but misinterprets the message, and sees in it only one solution: to end his life.